Memorial and Honor Gifts from 2018/2019*

*As of March 19, 2019

Called to Grow Capital Campaign

In Honor of Bishop Don Johnson and Jeannie Johnson

Dr. & Mrs. James Bailey, Jr. 

Alice and George Burruss

Anne and John Burruss

Antoinette Cheney

Jerry and Sandy Crook

Samuel O. Cross

Dudley and Eddie Davis

John Denton

Juan Fuentes and Robert Thompson

Immanuel Episcopal Church

William and Melinda Kolb

Debra McCanless

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pecon

Suzanne Plyer 

Sarah Sartain

Saint Jame Episcopal Church

The Rev. Drew Woodruff/St. Mary's Cathedral

In Honor of the GSL Crossmen Kitchen

Dan and Nora Conaway

Matt and Alice Crow

Edward Hord

Stinson and Patty Liles

Holley and Lucius McGehee, IV

Donald and Lucy McLemore

Jeanie Mercer and Breen Bland

Z. Christopher Mercer

Charles and Janice Pazar

Paula and Donnie Sappington

Carolyn and Greer Simonton

Simon Wadsworth

In Honor of Happening

Heather Anderson

Steve and Margaret Dean

Nic Duggar

Abby Hubar

Katie Friedman

Amanda Maxson

Jennifer S. Smith

Other Honor Gifts

Dr. and Mrs. George Burruss by Jenny and John Nevels and Frank Langford, Jr.

Kathryn Brookfield and Anne Morgan Morgan by Morgan and Judy Brookfield

Meredith Brown by Susan Brown

Stephanie Cheney by Lucy Turnbull

Kelly Cox by Sheri Bancroft

The Rev. Frank Cooper by Lisa and Hugh Holt, Jr.

Chip and Cathy Davis by Anne and John Burruss

Trip Gintz by Kirby Johnson

Lisa Holt by Lizzy and Matt Yatsula

Meriwether Mclean by Margaret Mclean

Linda Douty Mischke by Mary Jo Greil

Thomas Robinson and Kat Gordon by Abbay and Warren Milnor

Nino and Charles Shipp by Gwen and Penn Owen III

Brad Thompson by Daniel Chapman

Henry Trammell by anonymous

In Memorial

Bart Etter by Shannon Talbott

James M. Evans by Gail Evans

Jack and Lydia Gibson by Peter and Jessica Abell

Anna Cay Hawes by George Edmonds

Camp Able

Lawrence H Adams, Jean Arehart, Steven and Margaret Dean, Kathryn Decker, Fidelis Chapter 4 of the Order of the Eastern Star, Juan J. Fuentes, G L & AH Graves, Peter Hawes, Sidney & David Hickey, Lisa & H T Holt, Patricia Horton, Don & Jean Johnson, Gillian & Martha Klee, James E. McGehee Jr., Lattimore M. Michael, Mike Miller, Ellen Morris Prewitt, Sherry & Michael Murphy, Joseph & Kristine Schaeffer III, Mary Beth Seltzer, Suzanne Baxter Sullivan, Sharon E.Taylor, James & Janet Thompson, Dale & Linda Thompson, William & Carmine Vaughan, Jr., Charles & Melanie Woodall Sr., Immanuel Episcopal Church, St. Elisabeth's Episcopal Church, Education for Ministry WTN, Church of the Holy Communion, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, St Anne's Episcopal ECW, Daughters of the King of St. Elisabeth's

Annual Giving

Honor Gifts

Matthew Arehart by All Saint’s Guild and Paula Sappington

Calvary Episcopal Church by the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee

Sandy and Jerry Crook by the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee

Sarah and Tom Cowens by Joseph & Kristie Schaeffer III

Church of the Holy Communion by the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee

Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal Church by the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee

Sandra and Ron Ireland by Ruth W. Lentz

St Luke's Episcopal Church by the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee

Oliver, Ila and Winslow Parker by Melissa Cook

Carol Rayl by Cathy Dunn

Brad Thompson by Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Paula Sappington and St. Philip Episcopal Church

The Thompson Family by Amanda Graves Rough

Peter and Jessica Abell, Ken and Sue Balogh, John Barber, Gayle Barnwell, Sydney Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Campbell, Sam and Merrill Ann Cole, Bill and Sharon Fidler, Mr. and Mrs. Jeptha Gates, John and Pat Geenlan, Mackie and Jane Gober, Agnes and James Gordon, Caroline Gordon, Joyce W. Graff, Martha Lynch, Steve and Jeanette Martin, Jim McGehee, Seldon and Carolyn Murray, John and Susan Peeples, Barbara Posner, Jim and Julie Powell, Kristin Powell, Jim and Linda Russel, Mr. and Mrs. David Townley, Mr. and Mrs. A. Velardi, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Viehe, John and Barbara Visor, Jim and Sedonia Wilcox by Grayson and Margaret Smith

In Memorial

Frank Jones by Nancy Hanna, Kathy and Scott Ledbetter and Charles and Jane Slatery

Lydia Gibson by Daughters of the King of West Tennessee

Anna Cay Hawes by Mary Ferguson and Karen Ullman

Grace Phelps by S. Keith Phelps