Building Bigger Ministry at St. Columba

Dear St. Columba Friend,

As we consider improvements to St. Columba through a capital campaign, we are not only giving thanks for the leaders who have brought us this far, but we are also dreaming and planning for the future of this community. To accomplish this, we're in the midst of a three-phase capital campaign process:

  • Discernment: Using all communications channels, share the master plan vision and the desire to build new lodges. (Completed April 2018.)

  • Feasibility Study: Using a survey tool, the entire diocese and camp community is invited to tell us what projects they will support and how much they might give. (Completed August 2018. For a full version of the Study Report, click here.)

  • Ask: Using the results of the feasibility study, a successful campaign is launched and completed! (In process through April 2019.)

As of September 2019, we have wrapped up the Feasibility Study phase and are planning for the launch of the public giving phase of a campaign in early 2019. Stay tuned for more exciting details to come!



          Brad Thompson, Executive Director