Camp Able's third year at St. Columba was amazing, both for the campers and volunteers transformed by their time here.

From Rosie, mother to two volunteer counselors:

"I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the experience my children had at Camp Able. What I witnessed, was deep contentment and JOY!!!!!! "Mom, I HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!" (Not simply a desire, but an imperative.) They told many many stories of their experiences, of what they learned about themselves, of their experiences with their camper. It sounds like they took the responsibility entrusted in them very seriously. I would ask questions -- trying to think like a person their age "what if the camper ...." and they calmly or laughingly explained how to handle each situation.
Evvia mentioned her camper was a challenge, "I admit, mom, he was a challenge, but I only had him a few hours out of a day for a a few days. His mom is with him all the time. Oh, mom, how hard that must be. I am happy to give her a break." We all chatted until late into the night -- well they chatted, Geoff and I listened.  Camp is meant to be fun, a break, but what I was not expecting is the deep spiritually, the aura of contentment and joy. So many thanks for this opportunity!!!!!"

From Athena, mother to camper Josiah:

"This is ONE week a year that my child gets to go to camp and have a good time. A place where he hears the word "yes" more than the the word "no!" The counselors are so patient and kind. This is just the greatest experience ever."