St. Clare Silent Women's Retreats

St. Clare Retreats, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee, was founded in 2002 to provide silent retreats for women of all denominations and faiths. St. Clare retreatants follow the Psalmist’s invitation to come away for a time, to experience God’s presence in silent community. Retreats are held monthly at beautiful St. Columba Conference and Retreat Center. Half-day retreats are held monthly, and there is a weekend retreat every fall. 

Friday Retreats (8:30am-1PM)

On the first Friday of each month, women of all faiths are invited to St. Columba Conference and Retreat Center for a half-day silent retreat. After greetings and coffee, a brief meditation and communion are offered; then a peaceful, reflective two-hour period of silence begins. During this time, retreatants walk on beautiful wooded paths, sit by the fire, relax in a chair on the patio, knit, read, write, pray or just quietly commune with God. At the end of the silence, a short service proceeds lunch and conversation. 

April 7, 2017 Cost is $25. RSVP

May 5, 2017 Cost is $25. RSVP

June 2, 2017 Cost is $25. RSVP

Call Mary Fortin with questions at 901-359-0894

Weekend Retreat (October 20-22, 2017)

Registration is not yet open. Since 1994, women seeking to ‘Be still, and know that I am God,’ have gathered for this unique retreat that fills the longing so many have for a weekend of gentle silence, a time for real connection with God in a safe, secure environment.  From dinner on Friday evening through brunch on Sunday, participants experience a rhythm of prayer, meditations by the retreat leader, walking, nourishing meals, reading, writing, and sleeping.

Each participant will have a single room with shared bathroom; the schedule is carefully planned; meals are delicious, and above all, God’s holy healing presence seems most especially present to everyone.  Give yourself this priceless gift and join us in the fall.

St. Clare Retreats is a ministry of The Diocese of West Tennessee. Please contact Debbie Balling for questions.